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Visual States is an application for creating and editing statistics. It has an interface that is similar to Excel which allows its users to access an intuitive work environment that is full of possibilities.

As with Excel, you can create dozens of functions and equations and in general, fill the grid cells with whatever operations you'd like, giving you an enormous amount of possibilities.

There are even more possibilities when it comes to creating different types of variables which you can apply nearly a dozen different options to.

Similarly, you have a number of options when configuring the work grid, to which you can apply changes such as: color, font, number of cells, along with the option to manually manage them.

Visual Stats is a mathematical tool that allows you to easily edit and create spreadsheets with statistics, through a well-known and accessible interface.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386


The trial version has some limited functions.

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